We bend so we do not break


I practice yoga and I appreciate that my studio comes up with different themes or focus every month. For August, the theme is flexibility, not just physically, also mentally/emotionally. This struck me because it’s been MY theme for the whole of July.

Growing up, I’ve been the type of person who likes to plan and see that plan through…be it a trip, plans for the weekend, plans for the day, list of errands…the bigger the plan, the more negatively I react when it falls through. There were times when I really had to stop myself from lying on the floor, kicking, crying and screaming when things don’t go my way…quite like a 2 year old.

So, back to last month. Last month, I experienced rejection again and again and again. I felt so low, even the guard in the office said he didn’t recognize me because I had a different aura. Wow. A good friend kept on checking up on me every day for a week, just to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid. The thought of cutting myself actually crossed my mind…which is beyond anything my mind’s ever come up with to cope with sadness. Usually spending time with alcohol works well enough with me.

So what’s my point? Going back to this post’s title and my yogo studio’s focus of the month, I just realize now, that last month was a lesson. The disappointments I experienced wasn’t done to me personally because some God or deity decided I was “it” or the flavor or the clown for the month. Things happen. And I think I passed that lesson with flying colors. Last week I was looking forward to flying to Australia for work and to maybe sneak in a visit with a couple of friends there, then fly back home to take a weekend trip to Siargao with a couple of girl friends. My trip to Australia was cancelled at the last minute…I didn’t start bawling, lie down on the floor, kicked around, cried “It’s unfair!!!” Instead, I flipped my brain and decided it’s better to stay in Manila to have more time to prepare for my island trip instead.

When I was in that sad, depressed stage last month, it felt like it won’t ever end…but it did. And now I need to keep reminding myself that things happen and it’s really how I see it, accept it, deal with it that I will keep my sanity. If I continue to fight what’s out of my control, I MAY go crazy.


Super Saya-rgao!

Siargao 1There was a seat sale around June last year so me and my friends decided to take advantage of the cheap flights by booking seats to go to Siargao on March 2017 thinking the perfect time to visit the surfing capital of the Philippines would around that time, at the start of summer. Little did we know, summer doesn’t come at the same time in Manila as Siargao. When I flew from Cebu to Siargao, my plane kept on flying around the Siargao airport for more than 40 minutes because the clouds were so thick and it’s been raining hence the pilot was having a hard time getting a visual of the runway. After exiting the tiny airport, I took a van to where I booked a bed in a surf bunk room, at Bravo Resort in General Luna, Siargao island. A Surf Bunk room is a room with multiple beds where you get to book just a bed, a locker and have an opportunity to meet and share a room with fellow travelers.

This is isn’t the first time I’ve stayed in a hostel type of room but this IS the first time I’ve actually shared a room like that with strangers so I was a little excited, a little apprehensive. I didn’t get that “share a room with strangers” experience though because the bad weather cancelled a lot of flights where I assume my would-be room mates were on. So in the end, I actually the surf bunk room all to myself for two out of the three nights I stayed there.

Since it was raining on and off (and it was far from a drizzle), I was mostly stuck at the resort on my first afternoon. It was ok though, because Bravo resort, I think, was built for lounging, relaxing, chilling, resting. Their restaurant was set up with a section for dining, with proper tables and chairs, and a section for chilling, with lounge chairs where you one can just veg.

siargao 4

In the evening, I had dinner at an Indonesian restaurant called Warung, with people I met at the resort earlier. The place was really nice, the food was yum, the serving was BIG and the price was reasonable.

The next day, the weather was still not behaving so me and my friend mostly kept to the resort. In the afternoon though I finally gathered enough courage to try surfing in the surfing capital of the Philippines. Me and my friends went to the surf spot called Jacking Horse, which was just beside the legendary Cloud 9 surf spot. Obviously this spot was for beginners, and the afternoon I went, the waves were just one foot so I felt it was safe enough to try. It was challenging because the water was choppy and it was a reef break but I had so much fun, I was stoked!

After surfing, me and my friends headed to one of the really popular restaurants in Siargao island called Kermit. They served pasta and pizza, had a great happy hour promo, it’s no wonder the whole place is booked up by 6PM on any given dy. We were just lucky that 1) there was a group who reserved a table for 7PM but we were at Kermit as early as 6PM and were allowed to occupy the reserved table until the group who reserved it came along and 2) the group who reserved the table were 15 minutes late so their reservation was given up to us yay! After dinner, we moved to another bar and drank a little bit more before I decided to head back to my surf bunk and turn in.

The next day, me and my friends thought the sun was fighting through the clouds so we decided to check out Sugba lagoon. Sugba lagoon was around 30-40 minutes land trip to the port and then another 30-40 minutes boat ride away. Unfortunately for us, our teeny tiny boat had to go through rain before we reached the lagoon. The rain drops hurt against my face and the wind was just biting! When we finally reached the lagoon we were so happy BUT it was still overcast and when the wind blew, we definitely felt the chill. Disregarding that though, the lagoon was beautiful! There was a  big, two storey hut where one can rent tables and chairs for Php50 per table. The caretakers also sold chips and drinks and even cooked food for a fee. Brightly colored paddle boards were also available for rent for exploring the far side of the lagoon.

siargao 2                                  siargao 3

On my last day, the sun finally decided to come out and it was such a beautiful day that I decided to surf one last time before I had to pack my bags and catch my 2pm flight back to Cebu then Cebu to Manila. Me and my friends went to grab a light breakfast at Cafe Loka, a cafe just by Jacking Horse and Cloud 9 then rented boards to play with. I had so much fun because this time, I had two other friends to play in the water with.

siargao 5

After an hour, we got out of the water, checked out the boardwalk and then headed back to our resort.

siargao 6

In total I had one beautiful, sunny morning in Siargao while the rest of the time it was gloomy and it rained. Nevertheless, I fell in love with Siargao. I wondered why I never had that burning desire to visit the island before this year. I think maybe I was intimidated by the fact that it’s supposedly the surfing capital of the Philippines…international surfing competitions are held there annually! What I learned from my trip though, was that there’s something for everyone in Siargao, that it’s not just for surfers. I also love the fact that it’s not as congested as Boracay or El Nido…there’s enough space between resorts for one to feel that they can breathe. When traversing the road behind resorts, you can actually see through trees and to the water.

Three and a half days was not enough to discover Siargao, me and my friends have all agreed we need to go back and stay for at least 5 days to a week. The next time I come back though, I’ll make sure to check the weather forecast to make sure the sun will be out 😉

Escape from the corporate rat race OR our hippie bus idea

hippie bus

So I’ve been wracking my brains for months and months and months trying to think of a business idea which will help me get out of the corporate world and into a life where I do more of what I love doing (surf, eat, practice yoga, run, laze by the beach, swim, travel, meet interesting people…). I’ve had some ideas but those ideas felt like they were going to be hard getting off the ground. This morning my cousin sent me a message via Facebook. She shared a post from another cousin of ours which featured the above meme. Immediately my fingers were flying off my laptop keys chatting with my cuz about how we should do this!

The idea so energized me that it distracted me from work I’m supposed to be doing haha I think that this is definitely something that’s doable (especially if I’m going to share the load with 2 other like-minded cousins) and I can’t wait for us to make this come to life!

That’s it for now, maybe I’ll add some more to this post later BUT  for now I think I should get back to work else I might not find a source for capital for this brilliant, BRILLIANT idea 😉

Race Review: World Vision Run 2015

world vision run
This was me at the start line…alone, because I couldn’t find my other club mates in the dark 😉

Last June 21 i joined the World Vision Run held around the Mall of Asia grounds. Now I have been SUPER LAZY with my running because I still consider myself on off-season (having trained for the Condura full marathon held last February all through the Christmas season and then following it up with the 7Eleven race where I did a half marathon). But the running club I’m part of in the office said we’re participating in the World Vision Run so I raised my hand told them I was interested to run the 10km distance. Har har I should have been more clear and said that I will run/jog/walk the 10km distance! Before I talk about actual race day though, I’ll share the experience of signing up for the race.

Since it was a club activity, signing up was actually easy, I just filled up the forms provided by the club and everything was handled by them. I didn’t hear any complaints from the people who managed the registration for the club members so I assume that registration was flawless  due to the vast experience of Run Rio in organizing races. Prior to race day I got a couple of reminders via email from the race organizers giving updates and pre-race reminders. This is quite an improvement from when I started running where you just find out about updates regarding races through the runner grapevine.

On race day I woke up at 3:30am (the 10km gun start was at 5am), got ready and because I studied the race route maps, was able to get to the parking lot nearest the start/finish point without any trouble. I appreciate this so much because it’s such a hassle and too much pressure when you’re trying to get to the starting line before the gun goes off yet you’re circling and circling around looking for the parking lot. I was able to park my car around 4:45am, put on my race bib and started walking towards where everyone else was walking (yup, at this time my brain wasn’t working yet, too early to think ;)) so I can position myself by the starting line. When I got into the corral I noted that there wasn’t a lot of runners yet so I thought it must not have been a well-promoted race…but I stooped down to tie my shoelace and when I straightened up I saw the crowd had built up behind me! haha Before the gun start there were two hosts keeping the energy alive and leading runners into warm up exercises. I am a grumpy person in the morning so I really don’t respond to those kinds of things but I can appreciate the effort these race day hosts put into trying to wake up the crowd, warm them up and keep them from getting impatient.

The route for the 10km distance was pretty easy, all flat, we didn’t go up any flyovers (thank God! haha) but still, with my lack of training, I probably walked 30% of the distance (or maybe more, it’s my blog, I’m allowed to fudge details! haha). Aside from it being a very flat route, i appreciate the fact that the location of the water stations were pretty consistent, every 1.5-2kms along the route. They also provide water and Pocari sweat (I don’t like drinking energy drinks but among all the energy drink brands, Pocari sweat actually tops my list) all throughout the route. Good thing because otherwise the race marshals would probably be picking me up from the curb haha.

Finally, after I finished, I had to meet up with my club mates near the stage area where they had a.lot.of.activites! They had a Zumbathon going on while I was there, at the side was a VIP tent where celebrities rested and where runners could ask to take photos with their favorite celebrities. There were also numerous booths at the activity area. I was lazy so I didn’t explore anymore but to be fair, I saw a lot of runners milling around and lining up at booths. It’s nice to see that the runners stayed appreciated what the organizers arranged for their entertainment instead of running and running ;).

One other thing, getting my loot bag was fast! I love it! I hate when I’m about to experience sugar crash and am this close to passing out then I still have to keep myself together and wait in line for  a long time just to get my loot bag. Aside from the singlet, there was also a finisher’s shirt in the loot bag! ❤

So all in all I enjoyed participating in the World Vision Run and wouldn’t hesitate to join again if they repeat this next year. I think it also has to do with the fact that the organizers of the race are very experienced so they know how to satisfy runners who join their races 🙂

See you on the road!

This was me at the finish line...I'm smiling but deep inside I wanted to heave because I sprinted the last 200 meters hahaha
This was me at the finish line…I’m smiling but deep inside I wanted to heave because I sprinted the last 200 meters hahaha

On Masturdating


I’ve been seeing a lot of online articles that talk about new words that should be added to the dictionary and one word caught my eye in particular. It was “masturdating: going out alone to a movie or a restaurant.” It’s funny since this is something that I actually do all the time because 1) I am very clique-ish and very particular who I spend my time with and 2) I really enjoy doing my own thing most days, not needing to consult anyone where to go, what to do, where to eat, etc. Well, to be truthful, I’ve only every done the “going out alone to a restaurant” bit, I’ve never really tried watching a movie or a play or anything, by myself. I’ve always had a lot of friends who were happy to watch stuff with me.

But there was this one time in the office that made me curious what it felt like to actually go out to watch a movie or go to the theater alone. It came about because I was talking to a much younger colleague of mine who mentioned that she super duper really wanted to watch the musical “Beauty and the Beast” and since none of her friends were willing to pay the steep ticket price, She decided to just buy a ticket for herself and watch alone. I thought it was very brave of her (because demmmnnn! she’s so many years younger than me!) because i always thought that going to the cinema or the theater or watching concerts was such a social thing to do. So after watching the musical alone she told me that it was great, she didn’t feel sad or lonely that she didn’t have friends sitting alone. I began to realize that it’s not really required to have friends to watch stuff because seriously, you don’t hold conversations while you’re watching right? This is when I started thinking more and more often about going to the cinema alone.

There was another time, before that conversation with my colleague, that I REALLY wanted to watch the concert of Aerosmith. My best friend was watching with her husband in the more expensive section and I couldn’t afford it. I was thinking of buying a ticket in the General Admission section but didn’t push through with it because i thought it would suck. So there went my chance to watch one of the bands I really loved:(

Fast forward to last month, I had so many plans with different groups of friends and consecutive beach trips over the weekend that when the movie I’ve been waiting for (Pitch Perfect 2 haha) came out, I didn’t have time to watch during the first week and when i had time, everyone else has seen the movie already! This made me think of going on a date with myself and after probably a year of this idea crossing my mind once in a while, I finally did it! I watched the movie by myself and I didn’t feel lonely or sad or anything. In fact, I was embarrassed to say that there were times in the cinema that I was the only one laughing *embarrassing! It felt soooo liberating! Picking the screening schedule by myself, going to the cinema, not bugging nor begging people to watch with me.

Like I mentioned earlier, I usually eat alone because of the reasons I previously stated plus the fact that I’m not dating anyone (no default meal date! ;)) and also maybe because I’m vegan…do you know how stressful it is to come up with a compromise on where to eat with non-vegans???? So the eating alone bit? I’ve perfected that already. The watching alone is something that I just discovered I like doing! I think I told some of my friends what I did and most of them didn’t react like it was a sad thing except for one friend. When I told him I went on a date with myself he went “awww” so I had to ask why just to put him on the spot hahaha But truthfully, the going out alone (either to eat or to watch something) isn’t really such a bad thing. I enjoyed it so much, I will be doing it again 😀

Would you go on a date with yourself? 🙂

Vegan musings: vanity versus compassion

fit body                  VS         pig love

This topic has been in my mind for quite some time now. See I have this friend, when we talk to each other, the conversation just goes places. I never know what we’ll end up talking about, could be nerdy stuff, could be love life stuff, could be whining about work stuff…different things. One time we were chatting though, he made a comment which really stuck. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I didn’t call him out on it because I didn’t want to be one of those angry vegans (I’m super scared of them!) who rant and rave and end up turning people off on what being vegan is all about, what we’re trying to do, etc. So like I said, I just let it slide, but I couldn’t forget it. What he said was something like this: “With the girl I like it’s understandable why she limits what she eats, she wants to look good and works hard for it. With you, it’s just very extreme and hard to understand.”

I don’t understand what he said. Oh I understand in a, what? normal person level? An animal-eater level? But how can vanity trump compassion? I don’t want to consume animals or animal by-products because 1) I can live without doing so, I’m not going to starve, I’m not going to die and 2) I don’t want to cause hurt, not in humans (hence I can’t even watch Manny Pacquiao boxing matches or UFC fights on TV) and not in animals…fluffy, cute, man’s best friend, snooty cats or wild animals. I don’t approve of slavery and that’s what I think people are doing to animals when they’re farmed for their meat, milk, skin, fur 😦 Plus it doesn’t help us preserve the planet with these animal farming practices. I also can’t understand why people with children aren’t rushing to turn vegan to save the planet for their kids. I’m single but I’m really concerned about global warming and what’s going to be left if people don’t stop polluting, producing trash and draining the earth of its resources.

To go back to my original point, what’s been bugging me is that for him, it’s more acceptable to use the “I don’t want to get fat” card when a person is being choosy in what they eat, rather than the “i don’t want to harm any living creature” card. Isn’t that weird? Or am I the weird one? What do you think?

Race Review: Nike Women’s Race 2015

nike 1 nike 2

I have to admit, I’ve been slacking off this summer on my running and working out. I signed up for the Nike Women’s 10km race last May 9 even if I wasn’t fit and ready for it. The race was for women, and most of my running club mates in the office were joining so it was either peer pressure or FOMO (fear of missing out) that made me sign up. And I didn’t regret a minute, a step, a degree of incline, a meter of that grueling (for out of shape me) race.

First off, the registration. I was out of town and it was the last weekend to register so my officemate/run gal pal was kind enough to purchase a prepaid card for me so I can register online. Once she had the card she just sent me a photo of the back with the details revealed so I could use the codes. Signing up was super easy, even in a remote island in Puerto Princesa, Palawan where Smart signal was really, really bad! I just directed my phone browser to the mobile site, typed in my name, other details and the codes and viola! I immediately received a notification that my registration is confirmed.

Pick up of the race kit was a little bit tricky though. During online registration, I was asked to choose which Nike branch and what date I wanted to get my race kit. I chose a Wednesday but when I went to the Nike BGC branch on the appointed day, the line was so long! I went around close to 8pm because I wanted to avoid any lines but the lines were still there. I estimate that it would have taken the Nike people until 10pm to finish giving out the race kits that night. I went back the next day and there were only 2 girls in front of me (yay!).

I had a full day on the day of the race, I had a kiddie party to go to in Ortigas before I could head over to Filinvest for the race. By the time I got to the race area, the traffic was really bad already. I think the Filinvest mall parking was full already, I was stuck in that traffic for probably 30 minutes. I was just glad that I was lucky enough to discover the Filinvest steel parking area so I quickly entered it and waited another couple of minutes before I could park.

After parking I met up with my running club mates in the mall, had a crappy dinner by myself at Uncle Cheffy (don’t even go there, their food is super crappy yuck!) because everyone’s eaten already at the food court and there was nothing there for a vegan to eat. I asked the stalls if they had vegetable dishes and yes they did but they all had some sort of animal or meat in it 😦 Typical Filipino fare, always needing to add animal meat into perfectly good vegetable dishes!

Anyway, the race was supposed to start at 9pm so me and my group headed over to the start line around 8:45pm. Inside the mall I could already tell that there were a lot of women who signed up for the race. I mean you look towards any direction and you’ll see a female runner wearing the Nike race singlet. It was actually quite impressive. I also thought that maybe Festival mall needs to thanks Nike for bringing more than 8,000 females into their mall haha

As I said, I haven’t been training so I told my friends I was going to pace with them and to feel free to leave me behind, just promise to find me when the race was done. So after a couple of minutes wait as wave per wave of runners were released, me and my group were finally off. My only thought that night was “no one is EVER going to get lost on this route.” Can you imagine 8,000 women 90% of them wearing identical shirts, running around Filinvest? I couldn’t either, until that night haha I’ve joined a lot of races and it’s always been common in those races that there will be a tight group at the front of the pack, a gap in the middle then the rest of the pack at the end. But in this race, there.was.no.gap. There was no space! I think every inch of the route was filled with the race participants! It was actually very impressive! It was like running like sardines, pretty ones though, strong ones, hot ones hahahaha I would’t want to do that all the time, but for my first experience of running in a sardine pack, it was pretty cool!

It didn’t end after runners crossed the finish line. Nike went and organized more activities around the area: a vip area (which I didn’t have the energy to try and sneak into), the other steel parking with some physical challenges on the lower level plus massage areas on the top level, photo-taking areas, cocktail-drinking-looking area, music pumping, lights flashing. It was like a great big rave! errr make that EDM event (because I’m cool like that!)! The swag given to us after the race was another really nice Nike shirt BUT I would have loved to have gotten a pendant like what I saw from the Singapore run (I think).

On the whole I think the Nike Women’s race was pretty awesome and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. But I don’t think it’ll be a race where I try to do a PR because with the popularity of the brand, it’s just gonna get bigger and bigger.

Running in the rain

RainLast night I had to go to BGC to claim my race kit for the Nike We Run Manila race that’s happening this Saturday evening. It’s been so hot the past few days but surprise, surprise! It suddenly rained while I was at BGC! Walking around with my umbrella I saw how the sidewalks quickly cleared of people walking, window shopping and runners. Seeing the runners standing under awnings and hiding from the rain made me smile and remember those times when I first fell in love with running. Me and my friends would join races every weekend, run every night to train and never let even pouring rain stop us.

I remember there was one time me and my friends decided to do a tempo run around BHS (that was when they still used to close off one lane for runners around BHS because there wasn’t a lot of traffic yet) and then it started raining. Then it started raining harder. Then there was lightning and thunder with the rain and we were all soaked through and our feet weren’t just maneuvering around puddles, they were actually being dunked in 3-5 inches of water! We didn’t want to stop I think because it was the last lap and we wanted to finish our training. We finally stopped when there was a very bright flash which felt a bit too close to us haha

There was another time I was running with another friend and there were just two of us running around South Forbes. The rain started pouring but we didn’t stop (of course not!), we kept on going until it was raining so hard, it felt like we were under a waterfall. That’s when I decided to stop under a big, leafy tree and hold my friend firmly and said “I think I’m done now, we should go home.” hahaha

I loved running in the rain, it’s such a refreshing feeling! First you get damp, then you notice there are less and less obstacles errr people around you then it’s just you and nature and your thoughts 🙂 But then reality intrudes when I get tired and slow down and start feeling cold…that’s the time I pack it up, head for home and snuggle in bed while reading a good book 😉

Race Review: Salomon Trail Run, Anvaya Cove and Resort, Morong, Bataan

salomon trail runI had this great idea to join a trail run outside the city to: 1) get out of the city and hang out with a couple of my run buddies and 2) recharge and to do “grounding” (the process of connecting with the earth’s primordial, healing energy to help reduce inflammation and ultimately improve health by promoting electron balance in the body). I was excited since the starting point was at the super duper nice Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan. It’s such a pretty place with top notch facilities (you should visit if you have a chance).

So me and my two friends, Z and W, left Manila after lunch on Friday, April 24. It was fun because prior to leaving we had a really heavy lunch in BGC to carbo-load for our 6km race (hahahaha) and buy necessities like chips and water for the drive ;). We got to the resort and our room by around 6pm, had dinner and prepared our stuff for the next morning’s race.

The first indication that the race wasn’t a very well organized one was 1) they didn’t provide bobby pins together with the race bib in the race packet. We had to call room service and ask for six sewing kits just to obtain enough bobby pins for our bibs. 2) The website said gun start for the 6km distance was 7:30am while the FAQ sheet that came with the race packet indicated that gun start was at 6:30am. To ensure that me and my friends got to the starting point on time, we erred on the side of the conservative and set our alarms for 5am to be at the race venue by 6am. 3) We got a bit lost inside the resort because the staff we asked didn’t know where the starting point was. good thing we finally found it after a couple of minutes of driving around. 4) When we finally got to the race venue and confirmed with one of the organizers that the gun start was at 730am, I pointed out that they provided confusing information on the website vs the printed FAQ, the girl said that participants needed to pay Php5000 to lodge complaints. This really irritated me because it just communicated apathy for race participants’ opinion or welfare. 5) Last, when you try to access the race results in their website, it just goes to an error page.

Since me and my friends were an hour early, we just found a cool, shady place to sit down and wait for our race to begin.

When our race started it was fine, the first 50 meters was downhill and on paved road, once we turned left, that’s when the hard part started…and never stopped haha When we turned left the paved road gave way to a rocky and dusty path that was an incline. At this point people already started walking and this was only at 200m from the starting point! Anyway, it was a VERY challenging course, the uphill parts, the dusty, slippery path all contributed to slowing everyone down. I tried not to walk but honestly, after all the uphill running, I felt like my heart was about to burst/I’m getting a heart attack (of course I’m only kidding here ok) so I slowed to a walk. I jog/walked the rest of the way and finally finished the course in 50 minutes (eek!). I think that for the 6km distance there was only one hydration station and true to the website’s announcement, they didn’t provide disposable cups as it was a green race.

On the whole, running the race was fun BUT everything before that was a thumbs down from me because I felt that information wasn’t readily available to participants and organizers I spoke with on race day weren’t very helpful. Hopefully they fix this because though no one got injured, died, or anything, these inconveniences would serve to put me off joining the race again. Too bad as it’s nice to join destination races once in a while.

Going under…

balerI haven’t written about my surf trip last weekend. I’ve been procrastinating. Something happened to me that shook me a bit and I’m still trying to get over it.

All the times I’ve been to Baler to surf I’ve experienced really rough waves, super clean, glassy ones and everything in between. I’ve had wipe outs one on top of the other, crazy ones wherein the locals called me “No Fear” haha I’ve gotten my skin scraped after waves seem to grab hold of me under water and scrub me against the sand under all that water but I’ve never felt scared that I was close to “something bad was happening to me”…until last weekend. Serves me right for being so cocky. I always thought my friends were unduly paranoid about surfing in Baler since they’re used to the gentler waves of La Union or Real. Well, last Saturday I got a taste of what they were rightly concerned about.

Me and my friends got to Baler around 9am last Saturday. We ate some brunch and decided to rest a bit before playing in the water. Around lunch time I could see the waves turning glassy, the sky was so clear and the sun was shining that I actually wanted to forego resting to take advantage of the beautiful waves. But common sense prevailed, I knew that without sleep I wouldn’t be able to paddle out and end up just draining myself so we napped. In the afternoon we played. The water was not as clear and glassy but it was still nicer than November waves which felt like some sea god was super angry and was stirring the water like you wouldn’t believe. The waves were around 3ft that afternoon so we were confident of being able to manage them…until I got caught underneath 3 big ones. I didn’t have time to get some air before the second wave came along. By the time the third big wave came along I couldn’t tell up from down, I couldn’t tug at my leash to help me break the surface of the water. I felt like I was in a washing machine. This was the only time ever that I ran out of air under water. I was super scared. After the third wave came and went I was finally able to get some air. I felt so drained that when the locals asked me if I was ok (because of course they saw that I was under water for a long time) I told them I’m heading back to the shore.

The next morning the waves were just right for playing so I decided to “get back on the horse” immediately. I love surfing too much, I don’t want to be scared of it. Everything went well, I caught some waves, I wiped out some, but there were no more big waves to keep me under. But getting caught under those big waves (in my head) reminded me to respect nature…and to start training my lungs by running underwater while carrying a big ass rock or something like that. There are times I close my eyes to sleep and suddenly see the murky water and feel my lungs start to burn but when I open my eyes again I’m fine. I just take a couple of deep breaths and tell myself I’ll get over this. So, come April 11 I go play in the waves again 🙂